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  • [엠바카데로 UX SUMMIT 2021] 전체 (및 인기) 컨텐츠 목록


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    엠바카데로 UX Summit2021 시리즈를 소개합니다.

    테마: Desktop First UX (데스크톱 애플리케이션 개발자를 위한 UX/UI 구축 세미나)
    (한글 제목은 한글 요약본이 제공됩니다. 한글 요약본이 필요한 세션 또는 기타 의견이 있으면 댓글을 남기세요)


    • 탭(Tab) 콘트롤은 데스크탑 UX를 어떻게 망가뜨리는가? - Ray Konopka (46 min)
      • 탭 콘트롤 관련 16가지 예를 매우 짧고 명확히 설명하고 탭 콘트롤 디자인 가이드라인을 제시한다.
    • RAD 스튜디오 안에서 메모리 누수 탐지하기 - Artem Razin (11 min, 한국어 더빙)
      • 한국어 더빙 비디오 제공. 델파이와 C++빌더 안에서 메모리 누수가 있는 소스를 찾는  방법을 짧고 명확히 시연한다.
    • Designing Multi-Threaded UIs - Olaf Monien
    • RAD Studio 11 Preview - Marco Cantu
    • Introduction to Data Abstract for Delphi - Marc Hoffman
    • Introduction to Data Abstract for .NET - Marc Hoffman
    • Introduction to Remoting SDK for Delphi - Marc Hoffman
    • Introduction to Remoting SDK for .NET - Marc Hoffman
    • Rubicon Full Text Search - Ann Lynnworth
    • Improving User Experience with Effective Feedback Gathering - Kevin McCoy
    • Delphi and the System of Laboratories, Analysis and Medical Management - Ziad Allaghi
    • Creating Project Using EhLib - Dmitriy Bolshakov
    • Native Response Design: Laying out Component for Dynamic Screen Sizing - Stephen Ball
    • Vector Graphics: Lottie and SVG with Skia - Jim McKeeth
    • Building Maintainable UIs with FLUX - Jason Southwell
    • Achieve Best User Experience in Desktop Database Applications with FireDAC - Miguel Angel Moreno
    • Rich and Lite IDE: UltraEdit and RAD Studio - David Millington, Ben Schwenk, Kyle Wheeler
    • Case Studies on the Artificial Intelligence Integrated Desktop Engineering Applications - Dr. Yilmaz Yoru
    • How Artificial Intelligence can improve UI/UX - Wagner Landgraf
    • REST Client applications techniques with TMS XData - Wagner Landgraf
    • Dashboard Systems: Design, Concept, and Coding Tips - Diego Souza
    • The Evolution of the Windows UI to Fluent UI and Windows 11 - Abdullah Leghari
    • Creating Cross Platform Desktop Applications with Web Technology from Delphi - Bruno Fierens
    • Windows 11 Panel Session - David Millington & Matteo Pagani
    • Visual Assist and Game Development - Chris Gardner, David Millington, Kyle Wheeler
    • Building Your Own Design System: The Why and How - Jason Beres
    • Desktop Databases: Options and Best Practices - Sriram Balasubramanian & Mary Kelly
    • Design to Code : Go from Desktop to Web in Seconds! - Jason Beres (53 min)
    • Utility & Design: The Desktop IDE - David Millington
    • No Code + RPA to Optimize the Desktop UX - Dr. Setrag Khoshafian
    • Learning C++ on the Desktop - Dr. Yilmaz Yoru
    • Business of Desktop UI Components - Bruno Fierens & Atanas Popov
    • Revamp your VCL App with DevExpress - Don Wibier
    • Eight Questions I Had Every Day As A Dev Team Lead - Nick Hodges
    • Building modern, High-DPI-ready, responsive user-interfaces with the VCL and TMS VCL UI Pack - Dr. Holger Flick
    • Monday Panel with Live Q&A - Ian Barker MVP, Nick Hodges, marc hoffman & Ray Konopka
    • Rubicon Full Text Search - Recap with Q&A - Ann Lynnworth
    • Day 1 Overview
    • Day 2 Overview
    • Day 3 Overview
    • Day 4 Overview
    • Day 5 Overview

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